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Mid-State Lock and Key is the ASSA Certified Service Center for Middle Tennessee. ASSA is a High Security lock manufacturing company that was established in 1881. They provide an excellent High Security product that is very versatile, UL437 listed, and offers patented key control. Below is some information and examples of some of the ASSA products available. 



Twin Maximum Lock System

Developed in 2005 and released in 2006, this patented key system is offered through distribution as the next generation in patented key control. The standard system is UL 437 listed and offers a non-UL 437 version for areas that may not meet the criteria of a secure opening. This key system offers a number of options that enhance its use within your security network.

The Twin Maximum has the capability to be multiplexed; the number of sidebar combinations can accommodate key systems that exceed one million standard combinations. The most unique feature of the Twin Maximum is the interface ability it has with the ASSA Access Control C4 electromechanical key system.



ASSA Concept 4 Access Control

The creation of an intelligent security system. Concept 4 technology is derived from a built in electronics package within the ASSA cylinder and key.

Features of Concept 4:
Audit trail with date & time
No wires- ease of installation
UL437 mechanical cylinders
Optional HID Prox Chip embedded in key head
Ability to use existing door prep with ASSA Twin Maximum mechanical key system
Please contact your local ASSA Certified Service Center for detailed information.


Mid-State Lock and Key is a professional locksmith and door repair company that offers a wide array of services. Because of our extensive training and expertise, we are able to offer higher end services that many other locksmith companies can not offer. We service all types of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Residential clients within the Mid-State area. Below is a small sample of some of the services that we offer.




· Rekey All Types of Cylinders

· Master Key Systems -  *Master Key Specialist

· Key Generation and Keys by Code

· Small Format Interchangeable Cores  (SFIC)

· Large Format Interchangeable Cores

· Installation and Replacement of All Types of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Residential Hardware

· ADA and Fire Code Compliant Hardware

· Installation and Replacement of All types of Door Closers

· Pivots and Hinges

· Safe Sales and Service

· Door and Frame Service, Repair, and Replacement

· HIGH SECURITY Locks -  Sales, Service, and Installation



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