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Mid-State Lock and Key understands and can handle the unique needs that come from being an institution. If you are a school, a hospital, or a correctional facility, there are specific needs that are associated with each type of institution. A school may need classroom locks in which the outside handle can be locked by a teacher with a key from inside the classroom. This way the teacher can lock the door without having to go into the hallway to face a possible threat. Hospitals have to meet not only ADA, fire and life safety codes but also have to meet very strict HIPAA, and JACHO regulations.




Correctional/Detention Facilities


Correctional facilities are even more unique due to the completely different types of hardware used in their facilities and their applications. The owner/locksmith (Jim Wiedman, CML) of Mid-State Lock and Key is one of the very few locksmiths trained in detention hardware. We can provide a service to Correctional/Detention facilities that is rare or impossible to find anywhere else in the country. Jim Wiedman, CML is not only a third generation master locksmith, but also has an extensive history in the field of corrections. He worked in corrections for over 12 years. In that length of time he worked in several supervisory positions within the state, private, and county corrections environments. He has been an American Correctional Association (ACA) member since 1994 and has participated in ACA accreditation. Because of his extensive knowledge and expertise in both fields it makes him an extraordinary security consultant for the corrections industry. Jim has literally seen both sides of the fence. He is able to identify the weaknesses of current detention hardware  and where the greatest liabilities are within any correctional facility.


Call Mid-State Lock and Key today and let us raise the level of  security in your facility and help limit your liabilities!


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